Happy Birthday Elvis!

Our beloved Boston Terrier puppy, Elvis von Rosenhoff, turns 1 year old the day before the end of the world! Congratulation!

Elvis von Rosenhoff 1 YEAR OLD!
Elvis Turns 1 Year Old!

Elvis caught napping
How you’ll usually meet him, napping somewhere

One happy puppy says hello!
How Elvis usually will greet you

Why are you bothering me?
I’m sure it is interesting, but I am doing important things

Not guilty!
Elvis a couple of months old, 11th of February 2012. For more pictures, click here.

I spend a lot of my time with Elvis, when I really should be reading or writing. He is always eager to play, unless we’ve built a fire in one of our fireplaces, then he’ll have better things to do. Love you very much!

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