Donate to the 2013 budget of LibreOffice

Please consider donating some coin to The Document Foundation. These are the brilliant guys behind the LibreOffice office suit which allows me, you (?) and many others to do our work without paying a Microsoft Tax. Thank you!

I gave $20 USD, which is what I can afford. The project is crucial for document freedom.
(The subsidized student edition of MS Office is approx. $120 USD)

When I wrote the last exam of my Bachelor’s degree, I wrote a Norwegian text on Aristotle’s concept of Beings (or living beings and artifacts). For the sake of clarity I chose to use the Ancient Greek (polytonic Greek) writing of his key concepts, because their English translations are misleading. In this text I managed to write my thoughts in Norwegian, use polytonic greek for Aristotle’s concepts, and quote English and German authors. Sure, I had to plea the Uni to take a PDF instead of .doc(x) but that’s not because PDF is something abnormal or hard to create (File->Export to PDF) but because the Uni has obsolete practices. Anyway. Try to see how easy that is in a proprietary framework.

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