My article on Zapffe is for some use:)

I just checked out a page presenting philosophers Anna Öhman and Svenolov Lindgren‘s Biosophy program. The term itself (which is narrowed down to a biological point of origin in a philosophical reasoning, when it comes to Zapffe) is described in this wikipedia article, but the philosophers mentioned above means that Zapffe’s use of this term is way too narrow – especially when it comes to their own program.

Anyway, at the bottom of the page is a list of references which includes the Peter Wessel Zapffe article that I wrote for Wikipedia dot org some time ago. Well, according to the GNU license, nothing on the ‘pedia belongs to anyone, but I think I can say that at least 90% of the material is written by yours truly. I’m also going to build it out alittle, add some more about his treasy ("Om det tragisk", en. On the tragic) and stuff. I’m just glad to see that someone can use what I’ve made. It’s always a good thing..

Check out the page here:
And here is a list of other Wikipedia contributions by me:)

2 thoughts on “My article on Zapffe is for some use:)

  1. Hi Sigg3 I left a message on your wikitalk page, but I’m not sure if that will reach you, so I will try this as well: I am not sure whether you are the editor who recommended the Måke-egg text by Zapffe (on this page:, but I’m having a hard time finding anything about it while I would be hugely interested in any information whatsoever about the text…
    Thanks in advance, Christian

  2. Hi Christian, I will check it out as soon as I can find some time.

    Zapffe is still in my library somewhere.

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