A quick recap of our visit to Kiel, Germany

The four young yet incredibly tired and downbeaten adventurers sat foot ahome in Oslo yesterday. We had a great ride! That is, me and Koew actually only had the ride as we didn’t get to leave the boat in Kiel, Germany. It had nothing to do with being too awesome and anyone making up stuff to that effect are lying thieves! We just didn’t get up in time. But the mysterious mr. S and K got off the boat, and apparently Germany was both okay and big-breasted. But even they only got half a bratwurst each, as the mysterious mr. S’s credit card was set up not to yield cash in a foreign country..

We had a nice cabin on the 10th floor without a window and a TV that turned itself randomly off for unknown reasons. As you can see, we kept abreast with current events using advanced television technology, while downing our semi-cold TAX FREE 1664 and Warsteiner beers;

Kielferga 2013

We had a great time, tried the casino for a bit, but generally just enjoyed the luxury and any advantageous discount offers. When we got home yesterday, we were pretty exhausted after two days of stimulating conversation (and beers and drinks), and decided it was best to recover and re-group before our next adventure. I came home, picked up Elvis at Lady C’s mother’s place, and spent the rest of the evening watching the three seasons of Black Books on the recommendations of my cabin mates. Thanks for the trip, guys!

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