The answer to all my problems

Lady C has decided that we’re on a diet since spending two weeks straight studying adverse effects of not eating greens (i.e. cancer and stuff). Since she got back we’ve cut back on bread and instead have some fruits. Plural. It has to be different fruits, for flavour and diversity, apparently.

And today I’m up for dinner. I’d usually hit the spaghetti teat, ’cause who can resist a sprinkle of Parmeggiano on some steaming al dente, right? Nobody! … but fish was more to her tune, so I suggested my African fish casserole that I learned to make in school. It’s pretty good.

However, once I got in the store today, I had naturally forgot my list of ingredients, so I was forced to improvise. Now, what dish can possibly satisfy the Five-a-day requirement except tacos, which we had yesterday? That’s right. Hamburgers.

I bought lettuce, tomatoes, yellow onion, red onion, crisp onion, cucumber and hamburger bread with extra fibre! In addition, I’m using chicken instead of beef, for added healthicity! You see, hamburgers solve all your dietary problems. You get 5 plus greens a day, and you can vary the menu by making beef burgers, chicken burgers, fish burgers, turkey burgers, bread burgers, whale burgers, tobacco burgers, veggie burgers, cheese burgers and bacon burgers..!
And on and on it goes. Awesome.

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