Epic se- I mean sax on April Fool's Day

If you missed the 10 hour long epic sax clip that replaced Sigg3.net yesterday, click the screenshot below:

Sigg3.net April Fool's 2013

You can also upvote me on the Aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com database!

The best 5 entries I saw yesterday was dominated by Google:

  1. Google Youtube is closing, selecting a winner 
  2. Google Mail Blue – it’s better ’cause it’s blue! 
  3. Mojang – Minecraft 2.0 with hardcore mode:) 
  4. Google Android: Teleport app 
  5. WhiteHouse.gov – Egg roll vid rick rolled 

Please let me know if I missed any good ones. On a personal note, I tricked Lady C into believing that our dog Elvis had managed to lose all his whiskers on the left side by attacking my nose hair trimmer which I’d dropped. She tried to fool me back, but NO ONE can fool me on April Fool’s day Muhahahaha!

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