I killed Margaret Thatcher

Happy Belated Birthday to me That’s right. This Saturday the 6th I turned 29 years old. Hoooray!
I was working through the weekend and things have been so weird that I haven’t had the time to update the blog. Until now.

So, working Saturday and working Sunday means no fun and games for good ol’ Jack on his birthday. We stayed in watching Django Unchained eating bacon chocolate pancakes, ma favorite! And while I was gobbling down a particularly difficult and large pancake composition, Lady C interrupted me.

– Hey! You haven’t gotten your birthday present yet, Sigg3!
– You know, you ARE right! I haven’t.
– The problem is, I haven’t really had time to go shopping yet so I was wondering instead if it would be alright to just ask you what you want for your birthday present
– Within what scope?
– You can ask for anything
– What do you mean "anything"?
– Anything in the world?
– Absolutely?
– Sure!
– ….anything?
– Oh.. I’m gonna have to get back to you on that one.

At this point she was probably thinking along the lines of ‘beef burger & blowjob’, but since I could have anything AT ALL in TEH WORLD, I thought my answer had better be good. I kept my mouth shut until the movie was finished and we were bringing out the dirty dishes to the kitchen.

– So, Sigg3, have you decided what you want for your birthday now?
– You said I could have anything at all, right?
– Right.
omg omg omg!
– What do you wish for, as your birthday present, from me?
– I wish for.. hold on.. THE DEATH OF MARGARET THATCHER!
– …..
– …..!
– The DEATH of Margaret Thatcher!?
– You want me to kill someone as your birthday present?
– You said I could wish for ANYTHING I WANTED!
– But an assassination? Isn’t that illegal, let alone immoral or something?
– Hey! It was you who said and I quote "anything"..
– *sigh*

Nothing more happened that evening, except we was both farting from all the bacon chocolate pancakes, and Elvis passed out due to the poisonous fumes.

The next day, Sunday, I was working all day and didn’t see Lady C before I left for work around 9 am. But when I got home she had left! I texted her, and apparently she was "going to Sweden" in order "to study". And that’s all I know. That, and the fact that Maggie Thatcher was found dead Monday.

Needless to say, it’s been a crazy week. Happy Belated Birthday to me this last Saturday, Happy Birthday to Lady C today! and RIP Maggie Thatcher the Monday that just was.

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  1. Thanks, dude! The day itself was pretty crappy, late for work, terrible customers and unpaid overtime, so IT IS NICE when people remember to congratulate:)

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