Merry X-MAS…! Or something.

Yes! The no. 1 sucicidal holiday is upon us again! Once again we’ve drunk, homeless people walking around in the street screaming "Ho! Ho! Ho!" trying to stand upright and not puke on the children who are amazed and terrified. In the shoppingcentres, people are running desperately around, waving their VISAs and Mastercards, trying to remember the name of their late mother’s dead cousin’s halfbrother, who sent their family a x-mas card only TWO DAYS BEFORE Christmas!!

It’s insanity, people! But I’m as usual.. slightly insane and pretty broke. I’m staying with my mother and brother in Oslo until February, and my back is already killing me from endless (and sleepless) nights on the couch in the livingroom. A merry, fucking x-mas indeed! Oh, well. All is well that ends well.

On the 27th I go for Kristiansand to meet my grandmother and a couple of cousins that I haven’t seen for a year or two. Should provide for some laughs, especially if we can persuade our grandmother to join us in the local pub for a couple of pints. That would’ve been great!

As you all know, I wish I’d the money to buy each and every one of ya a little thingie for x-mas, but since I must think ahead, I prioritize: myself, tobacco, food and beer. But don’t worry! I can promise you that on the 24th of December I’ll dedicate a moment in silence to think about all of you – wherever you are in the world. I’ll send some x-mas love and compassion through the bits and bytes of the ‘net, and into your very livingroom – into your very hearts! Enjoy yourself and don’t get depressed! This shit only goes down for a week, so we’ll get back to normal soon enough! Merry Christmas to you all! See ya!

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