UPGRADE: Just in time for another trip

I’m back from a full week of rain in a South Norwegian forest, yay! And as you can see, Sigg3.net is back on track too. Or at least, we’ve got the posts back, the permanent links function again, all the comments and comment authors are preserved and we’re ready to take it from here to where we need to go. What’s missing you say?

It’s like, pretty obvious.

All my pictures are missing at the moment. I used a PHP based picture uploading tool to avoid too many FTP logins (FTP is completely insecure), that I have yet to setup. So until I’ve got that sorted, it’s gonna look a little empty around here. In the meantime, enjoy yourself with this WWII colour photograph of a hot Nazi sympathiser shooting a rifle at a Luftwaffe cabin, recently discovered by museum leader William Hakvaag. Guns with girls are hot, regardless of sympathies. And I just had a tab open that needed talking about but didn’t have a reasonable association.. Anyway.

Priority two is the theme or layout. I have had many different layouts on Sigg3.net over the years, but the last one with the top gradient stayed put for quite a few years while I was lacking ideas for anything newer.

Third, I will have to start using the categories and tags for better SEO and usability.

But all of this will have to wait because tomorrow afternoon me, Lady C, Elvis (our puppy) and my brother Koew and our cousin Arni will be driving down south again to the cabin I just left! We’re gonna spend a couple of days there marinating in boardgames and beer, before we’re joining the rest of the family tree to celebrate my mother’s birthday. We’ll be back at the end of the weekend, so until then, enjoy the sun!

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