UPGRADE: Images are back!

After a couple of hours pulling my hair out over some loops in my .htaccess file, I was able to restore old functionality to Sigg3.net again. This means that the following links should work:

Yes, they are horrible sites I KNOW, but I’ll keep ’em around for legacy. Why not just keep em where they were? Because my web root directory was getting really cluttered. Now it’s all safe and sound in sigg3.net/site/legacy/. There might still be a loop somewhere, but for now I’m gonna need some breakfast!

I had to write a quick shell script to search and replace some PHP 4.0 coding with PHP 5 compatible alternatives. That old image script is rendered absolute by WordPress’ media uploader, but it has served me well since I wanted something quick and dirty (or quicker and dirtier than FTP) to up images back in 2010.

This whole enterprise is to make sure old posts don’t end up like heroin addicts or politicians.. all empty inside.. Instead, they’re filled with crap like this or this or even this.

I also need to start using the tags. If you’ve got good eyes, you’ll see them at the bottom of this post.. If you don’t, here’s my TRAKTO.BMP from 1996:

I seriously need food. Almost time for dinner and still no breakfast.

EDIT: Since my previous host changed their systems during my stay, I’ve managed to drop some files from my backup, including the old Crescent site backup (available at archive.org). I am confident I have them in a backup somewhere, I just need to filter through them. Add it to my ever-growing TODO list.

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