UPGRADE: Video embeds are back!

Today I noticed that all the videos were missing. It turns out that an import filter in WordPress 3.5 and newer skips all iframe and object embeds, and since manually going through 1500 posts finding their long forgotten youtube, vimeo or google video links is a major PITA I decided to clear out the database and re-install from scratch.

And now, finally, the videos are working again and we’re back to the same config I had a couple of hours ago. But I’d rather do that than lose all of that information. Especially since it turns out WordPress’ built-in youtube tags does NOT work.

Anyway, this is why the posts since the install have weird timestamps:)

Remind me to disable the annoying notification e-mails I’m sending to myself. Every time I change something I get two e-mails about it "from the Team @ Sigg3.net". It’s nice to have a team, though. We have identical T-shirts, a Nespresso coffee machine operated by George Clooney, a golden retriever that’s trained to fetch beer in the fridge and a midget that only works half-time. In fact, this post was brought to you by the Team @ Sigg3.net!
And the videos and stuff.
Better not mess with the Team @ Sigg3.net… rebel scum!

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