Listen; I just woke up… It’s 6 p.m and time for breakfast.. Geez!

Did some stupid shit last night. Nothing I will regret, being temporarily insane, but it was nevertheless stupid things to do. Here’s how the events occoured:

  1. Beer at my place, watching a really entertaining children’s story with my brother and sister
  2. Kornelius came over, had a cigarette and I finished my 3rd beer and we were off..
  3. ..to Kroa, the best countrypub there is. We had a really interesting chat that was ruined by people coming and going, so we decided to
  4. play some pool. I won both my rounds even though I was pretty drunk at the time.
  5. After this we decided to drop in to the other pub (we’ve only two!!) to see if any people were still left. It was Saturday after all.
  6. It was some peeps there so we stayed there till they closed, accompanied with beer or something like it, all the way.
  7. Homewards, some parts on the run from the mob, to my house to fetch something to drink and say ‘Hi!’ to my brother.
  8. Me and Kornelius made some popcorn, talked a bit to his dog (Sofus) but mostly discussed daily matters of no particular interest.
  9. At some point I got so sleepy I almost fell asleep, so I decided to take the final walk (homewards).
  10. Sleep. Woke up at 6 p.m.. great! Need some junkfood, though.

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