A merry x-mas in Oslo

The day before Christmas Eve, our TV broke down. Now, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but apart from the food (since we’re all too old to run around buying presents to each other) TV is the mainthing going on during Christmas. Our two biggest channels are sending mindless entertainment, re-runs from last year, black and white Polish fairytales etc. etc. And it’s really great! No shooting or killing or raping or dissing, just straight happy-happy-happy (oh, God, how happy!) entertainment, which you enjoy in the couch with a plate of homemade bread and smoked salmon by your side.

BUT, our TV broke down the day before Christmas.

Apart from that I’ve done the other thing that I consider to be the meaning of Christmas: Family and Food (two things combined). You sit down at the breakfast table and don’t leave untill supper is finished. Great! It’s actually a part of an old tradition from the time before the christening of Norway, when the vikings and farmers had to eat up all their foodsupplies that wouldn’t last through the winter. That’s where the Norwegian word for Christmas, Jul (pronounced ‘joule’ – not with a ‘g’ sound), actually comes from.. In addition, all readers of this blog should know the truth about Santa Claus by clicking that link and scroll down to "Merry Christmas?"… It’s actually written two years ago! Really makes me think about how long I’ve been doing this.. bloggin’ and all:)

Oh, well.

I spent a weekend in Kristiansand recently, to catch up with my grandmother and enjoy some of Norway’s great outdoors! And it was great! I’ve never been to her place in the winter, as I’ve been living so far north that I’ve – it’s only been reasonable to travel down south in the summer, when it’s hot. But it was beautiful now, as well. The lake partly covered with a thin, crystal layer of ice, while a strong, dark-yellow sun shyly peeks out from above the treetops. It was great!

What’s up for New Year’s Eve? I don’t know, actually. Since X-mas till now has been totally bizarre, I expect nothing else of tomorrow either. I guess I’ll just tag along with my family for the evening, getting drunk and watch the firework, since I don’t have that many friends in town – and those I have are probably buissy doing their thing with their families, etc. I’ll try to have fun, whatever I do:)

Last but not least I must warn you that a heavy facelift of Sigg3 dot net‘s design is on it’s way. I’ve been working on that, alongside the Students of Cuba project, for quite a few days now. I can tell you allready now that it’ll be great! I mean, Life between stations is special, but when looking at it from a user’s point of view, it’s too dark (which makes it harder to read) and maybe abit too much, if you catch my drift. So, I’m going back to something simple again, and you’ll love it, just wait and see.

Untill then: have a great New Year’s Eve! Don’t get too drunk and remember not to make any New Year Resolutions that you can’t keep! See ya and take care!

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