Where is the love? It’s headin’ North!

Bollicks to this, we’re off to the North of Norway!

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The Internet will have to wait while we pack our stuff and climb into Lady C’s VW Golf 1.6 TDI feat. Highline sports seats and the Game of Thrones audio books blaring from the ghettoblastahs… sort of like a perverse, sadistic KITT.. while we head North. Damn this bloody good weather, we want to see clouds, give us some rain goddammit! Nothing makes you feel so alive as weather depression and cold front frustrations in close quarters with your loved ones. Which is why we brought a tent. To get even closer to each other.

Two days ago we visited Lady C’s grandmother in the nursing home, and when we told her about the trip, she related her story of the summer she and her husband and Lady C’s father spent 7 weeks in the tent while it poured non-stop outside.. Her eyes glazed over and you can see that a piece of her soul was still there, trapped in the rain in the tent there. 7 weeks. She just kept repeating "It just wouldn’t stop raining", after which we just had to leave in order to let her rest.

Since we’re driving our own Lady C’s car this year, we don’t have to cover that much ground each day, instead we’ll enjoy the Norwegian summer tradition of eeking around the countryside 20 Kph below the limit trailing German caravans. German tourists all like: «They zee us rollink, they hatink, ja?»

But it’s all good. I spent yesterday finding some thirty tracks for driving music, in addition to Game of Thrones audio, and when we finally get there we’ll have the HBO adaptations, 3 seasons of Arrested Development and lots more. I plan to get a little writing done, and then I have a lot of stuff that needs to be done with the website, first and foremost the themes; so I’ll be reading up on responsive design, HTML5 and brushing off my 1337 CSS skillZ. If that wasn’t enough there’s the novel still waiting to be finished, and Lady C is really enthusiastic about seeing as much of the North as humanly possible.

Since I am using WordPress I might find it tempting to find an Android app and do some posts while on the road. We will see. We have few plans for the tour, just a stop in Lillehammer and Lady C wants to see the Cathedral of Trondheim. Not that I think anyone is bothering with my blog atm, unless you’re trapped in the rain somewhere… 7 weeks! Anyway, I will have online access when we get to our base camp in the North, so if you get 500 Internal Error or 404 File Not Founds, it is probably me turning the wrong knobs. Cheers!

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