Current reading: Franz Kafka

After I’d finished reading about the Sami Noaide (title: "Noaidier") and scattered stories from an almost neglected culture (and people – which happens to be my grandmother’s ancestors) I picked up a book from a bookshop just down the street from where I live; "The man who disappeared" a.k.a "America" (orig. Norwegian title: "Amerika" which the new, critical edition bears the name "Mannen som forsvant") by Franz Kafka. Now, I swallowed the book in three days on the countryside, and since I got a bookcheck (500NOK) for x-mas present from this friend of mine, I decided to go shopping today. Lucky for me, all Kafka-literature was underprized heavily and now I’m sitting here at Studenten (an internetcafĂ©) waiting to get home and begin to read

  • Prossesen (a.k.a The Trial or Der Prozess)
  • Slottet (a.k.a The Castle)
  • and Etterlatte fortellinger og skisser (which is mostly unfinished writings)

I don’t have the time nor the money to tell you about "The man who disappeared" right now, but I promise to get back to you on Kafka’s literature as soon as I bother. Since broadband is installed Monday, it shouldn’t take too long:)

I also got my hands on Voltaire‘s "Candide" which is supposed to describe the author’s dark, pessimistic sarcasm most accurately. I almost can’t wait…! Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone!

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