Well, that was interesting!

Well, that was interesting! We spent 2 weeks in the North alone with the dog and the VW Golf this summer. Having spent the first few days cutting grass, I got really ill. Then it slowly cleared up, and the second week Lady C got ill. After the two weeks we had to return to Oslo to get back to work.

But I must say it was a relaxing vacation, for once. No hassle, we could go wherever we wanted to, we heard a lot of podcasts and had a few beers. Just what the doctor ordered. Except for the viral infection, of course.

I’m just writing this to announce that we’re both very much alive. It’s just been real hell working two weeks proper, then starting studies and volunteer work, two new clients on the side, and of course all the regular odd jobs that has to be done around here.

I was supposed to create a new theme for the website this summer, but instead I carried on one of my pet projects coded in BASH. Didn’t have the creative drive to visualize and experiment, so I ended up solving programmatic puzzles instead.

But I’m getting there! I promise.

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