A little light to bright up your path in this confusion

As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve still got some work left to do on this template, but all in all it seems to be working allright. Let me tell you abit about each and everyone of the new, nifty features of Sigg3 dot net enhanced: Just another weblog.

To your top left is a little hint about reading the disclaimer, since I’ve had frustrating parents on my neck since day 1. Well, what can I say? It’d be too damn hard to make a Sigg3.net:Kindergarten, so instead I just added this disclaimer so nobody can throw a lawsuit at me without thinking. I’m not saying that you should read the disclaimer, only the snotty, underaged bastard standing behind your back learning words as ‘fuck’, ‘ass’ and so on.. Actually it’s just bullshit, it’s just that I’ve always wanted a proper disclaimer for my websites, and now I decided to write one. Nuff said ’bout that!

According to my promises in 2003, I’ve arranged a permanent place on my page for the winner of last year’s Female of the year contest: Angelina Jolie (left side column). We’re going to arrange a new, improved contest this year, but more about that later. As you can see by peering at your top-right, I’ve expanded the contest to two different categories: female 2003 which are last year’s contest and female of the year which is this year’s contest.

Underneath, there’s the quote-box, where I’ve got an automatic script picking one quotation per day to help you survive the day. Now, if you have some quotes to add, just contact me.

Since the success of the Female of the year 2003 election, I decided to have a poll going on my site on a regular basis. This is why I added the weekly poll which also has a corresponding poll-category where I’ll present the new poll and the results of last week’s voting.. I hope you all can help me out keeping the polls going, since it would be a drag sitting there voting for myself. In advance: thank you. If you have a suggestion for next week’s poll, then feel free to send it over to me. Now, go ahead and vote!

I think that should do it, don’t you? If there are any questions, feel free to ask. I’ve just got broadband installed where I live, so I’ll probably stay online for a while:)

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