In search for a ring I found a treasure

Everyone are obsessed with rings lately. Lord of the Rings has seen to it that every little boy and girl’s eyes are glued to the cinemascreen or homecomputer (if you’re lucky enough to have pirated versions or the screeners) watching this remake of a book that was o.k. in the first place. Note: ‘o.k.’ There’s a limit of how much Tabasco it’s possible for a person to swallow, and still feel fine about it. When it comes to LotR, that lime was crossed a couple of years ago. I mean, come on, it’s a goddamned movie! I saw elves in the streets of Oslo at the premiere! That’s what I consider taking it too far

So, I want to get my ring fixed. It has got a little nudge in the side.. The one ring to bind them all? No. Just this unique ring my father designed for me when I was sixteen. Pure gold. No Elvish carvings. For those of you who’ve had the pleasure of knowing me in person, it is common knowledge that I like wearing this ring. Not to impress anyone. Just as an addition to my James Dean leatherjacket. Anyway, it has got lost in the moving somewhere. I had a hypothesis, which is falsified now, about it being in the attic along with all my other stuff. I couldn’t find it, but I have an idea of where it can be.

But I found some other interesting items up there; a box of unopened Virginia Hand-rolling Tobacco (can’t wait to open that tonight:), a couple of old watches (one in gold and the other in silver, really cool shit) that I consider bringing with me on my next quest for a cafĂ© (probably tomorrow). And the Crescent Fjellund session! The last recordings of my previous band, Crescent, which was done in "Fjellund Studio" (which is at Jon’s place:) the 16th of April 2003. These are some really gruesome recordings if you don’t mind bootleg-quality, which I don’t. Mostly Bob Dylan inspired shit that Kornelis did (except for one that The Kim carried out, more or less successful), plus some experimental tracks. I only do some idle shuffleing on the drums, very sweet and quiet, while Korn is hammering on the acoustic guitar, and on some tracks; the bass as well. Oh, let’s not forget that I play "clapping-hands" and "cheering" in one of the lighter tunes about sending all women away. ("..and we don’t want them back again!")

Thanks to Kornelius‘ beautiful handwriting, it’s impossible to read what the tracks’ names are, but if you listen to it you get most of them. Like God bless America, for instance. The best in you and so on. I think there are a few coversongs in there, but I’m not sure. Ol’ Bob has never got much primetime on my MP3 playlist, and I’ve only heard Best of.. shit, but it gives you an idea. Listening at it I want to add some drums here and there.. Damn, I need to practise soon…! Playing is addictive, and I’m hooked on it, but I ain’t got no band nor a drumkit as of now. Well, I’m not sure about how much I’m entitled to say to you guys about the recordings, even though it is I who owns the rights of them. What can I say? Only that it was great listening to some ol’ Crescent shit again. I mean. I turn on our recordings (which makes out quite a few tracks) every now and then. And it still impress me, some of it. Nuff said. Why don’t you stop by the Crescent Memorial:

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