Lady C becoming a "prepper"?

I dunno if you’ve been watching the National Geographic Channel lately, but a couple of years back they decided they would turn around their public image, and as of now are among the top producers of contentless shit-tv. One of these so-called series or shows, is about preppers, viz. social expressions of despairing the human condition and the US political constitution in general. They come across as nutcases in their failure to provide any actual non-accidental facts for their despair, but in any case; they ARE PREPARED when [insert societal failure here] comes to pass.

The girlfriend, Lady C, recently blogged about her realization that she quite inadvertantly is something of a prepper herself in her blog post; One Apocalypse coming up…

We should add to her list that she’s currently growing potatoes in our bedroom.

Anyway. If she comes across as a little pervert, it’s because she insists that “Doing the jungle mambo” is not a sexual euphemism. Please don’t berate her for her lacking skill in English idioms, now. All that pleasure are belong to me.

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