Magic & Loss – RIP Lou Reed

This Saturday we got a little tipsy celebrating an aunt of Lady C, and when we got home our upstairs neighbor was having a party, playing mostly club music. "We can do better than this!" I said defiantly, much to C’s chagrin.

I started with some Pearl Jam to warm up, before proceeding to Tom Waits and Lou Reed.

Lou Reed passed away at the age of 71 from complications following a liver transplant. When I saw him live in 2005, he was showing a lot of signs of his early life, but he was honest and generous, almost humble to play for us; and he still rocked!

Lou Reed is a mentor and an inspiration to everyone in music. He changed popular music by always reinventing himself. From The Velvet Underground to The Raven, Reed kept us on our toes, and changed the boundaries of rock music. Rest in peace, my old friend.

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