What do you think about the Mars landing?

The recent Mars landing has made it to the Guinnes World of Records by producing 109 million hits on the NASA webpage. To my knowledge, they’re using as much as 1,300 servers to be able to allow visitors to peer through the eyes of that six-wheeled lovemobile, and you should click here to find out why. If you like graphics and sci-fi movies, stop by this animation page with great coverage of the landing, exploring the surface etc.

Just look at the little bugger!

For some of us, however, this might be a bit too much. I mean, houndreds of millions of dollars has been pumped into that Mars-rover, so we have a chance of finding out wether it could have been life there millions of years ago. It is also those who thinks that sending spacecrafts to other planets, paid by mr. and mrs. taxpayer, is taking the search for Osama bin Laden a bit too far. Why can’t we settle for Saddam for the time being?

Hence, the first "Weekly poll" question is:
«What do you think about the Mars landing?»
Thanks for participating!

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