'Mars rover' poll results

Poll question: « What do you think about the Mars landing? »

It is important for further science.: 33%
It will help us to love each other. Peace!: 25%
It is a great way of spending money.: 16%
It is taking the search for bin Laden way too far!: 16%
It rocks.: 8%
It sucks!: 0%

As we can see, one third of the 12 votes (there should be 1012 votes, people!) acknowledges the scientific importance of the recent Mars landing, and 25% are also quite optimistic about it, thinking it will help us to love each other. It’s only 8% of the people who think ‘it rocks’, though, and I can imagine this has something to do about the media not even trying to make pictures of a vast, red landscape exciting. 32% thinks it’s either a great way of spending (or wasting!) money, or think it represents taking the search for terrorist leader Osama bin Laden way too far. Thanks for participating!

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