Kaada dropping prices on releases to celebrate his new album!

This popped up in my mail this morning:
To celebrate Kaadas new albumrelease (26th of January),
we are dropping the prices on the lovely Kaada and Cloroform cd-releases – for you, our e-list members. Orders must be placed before Friday 23th of January. Pick the ones you want, and email store@kaada.no

  • Kaada/Cloroform – Deconstruction 49 NOK, $7.00 (!!)
  • Cloroform – Hey You Let’s Kiss 89 NOK, $13.00
  • Kaada – Thank you for giving me your valuable time 89 NOK, $13.00
  • Cloroform – Scrawl with knitted cover 89 NOK, $13.00
  • Cloroform – Do the Crawl 140NOK, $19.00
  • Cloroform all-scars 140NOK, $19.00
  • Kaada – Black California cd single 35 NOK, $5.00
  • Kaada – No you don’t cd single 35 NOK, $5.00

www.KAADA.no | Cloroform dot com

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