Norway's heiress born at 09.14 a.m!

That’s right! Norway’s new member of our royal family was born today at Rikshospitalet 09.13 a.m!

Norway's princess, Mette Marit   Norway's crownprince, Haakon
Princess Mette Marit    and a picture of the fresh father

I don’t care too much about our royal family, heck I didn’t even know she was pregnant, but I guess I’m glad that everything worked out fine. This night at 4 a.m our Mette Marit was driven to the hospital by husband and crownprince Haakon. And what sex? Well, it has been a long argument on what sex the new member of the family would (and should!) be, because it will become the new ruler of our country:) It was a girl! Congrats!

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