Mas o menos up and running (bits and pieces of it, anyhow)

The homepage I had decided to make for the ANCEP students attending at Cuba with me, fall 2003, had finally begun to take shape, after a while of deciding wether to go with that design or not. It is pretty simple, functional, and should provide for a meeting-spot for people interested in Cuba, studying (ex.phil, ex.fac or Spanish), beer, ANCEP/Gateway College etc. but it is my intention to make it a center for my fellow students (there’s about 60 of them).

It’s in Norwegian only, I’m afraid, being one of the first pages I’ve ever written in Norwegian. I’m using a B2 blogging system, phpbb forum and I will install a webgallery feature sometime later this week.

Anywho, here’s the link: w w w . m a s o m e n o s . t k
(if that doesn’t work, try this one)

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