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  1. Congratulations to you both!

    Is this what I think it is? I’ve learned to never congratulate anyone on a pregnancy unless I have been explicitly told. I’m not slow on the uptake, it’s just basic prudence. Facebook post of your pregnancy test? I’m not going to assume anything there either, could be a friend, family member. I’ve been waiting for your brother to post congrats so I could get confirmation, but alas, I am impatient.

    Here’s what would work for me: She is pregnant; we are having a baby; it is Sigge’s and Lady C’s. :-)

    In any case, get ready for a nice ride. Can’t say it’s always the easiest thing, but it IS simple and fun if you make it so and follow a few basic rules that have worked for us.

    1) You were there first – so kids have to adapt to you. They need boundaries early. It will make them happy if they know where they fit and what is expected of them. The people who I have watched fail at this do not seem to grasp the concept that kids need to be taught how to make decisions (bad and otherwise).
    2) Don’t fight battles unless you have the energy to win – otherwise, let it go for a later time. Giving in will kill your street cred and then it’s nothing but work work work. I’m lazy. Work smart.
    3) Quality time isn’t… just plain ol’ time, spend as much of it with them as you can, warts an’ all – it’s better if it’s not perfect, I think.
    4) Never lie to them.
    5) Sometimes less is more.
    6) Don’t overthink it. Every kid is different. Get to know yours by hanging with them instead of reading parenting books.

    For me, it’s been a delight, they are each unique in their own ways, and probably honestly have already surpassed me in wisdom and grace. Although, I like to think I still have a few tricks to show them. haha.

    1. Here’s what would work for me: She is pregnant; we are having a baby; it is Sigge’s and Lady C’s. :-)

      You’re right on the money!

      We’ve been "working on it" for a while, and it’s looking good, health-wise. Last week was the first regular ultrasound appointment, but the 5th of this pregnancy, so we’ve been closely monitoring the progress. There is much fear, worry, doubt and choices even before a child is born. Very much a learning experience, not least in how exhausting having conflicting emotions can be. Much of which is because we’ve been followed up very closely by private and public health services. It’s a rich life, if anything:D

      Thanks for your advice!

      We’re already “caught” in the commitment/love/responsibility triangle since we got a dog (and treat him as a full pack member), but it is definitely different when it’s your own species. But I like to think we’re somewhat prepared. As Lady C says: «At least you can bring a baby into the shop/restaurant/cafe/plane.».

      And sorry for the slow reply, I’m head over heels into my MA thesis and have very little energy for anything else than it and Lady C atm;)

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