Bits and pieces of late events..

I. I’ve got myself a place to live! It’s a small 16m2 bed-sitter which the Norwegian civil army will have to pay for. I liked it at first sight, I saw alot of potential, and right now I can’t wait to move in there. The first place that I can call my own:)

II. Wordcount on my project: 21,430 words + a couple of chapters written by hand. It is going forward, but the progress is slow, though quite giving and challenging. I’m also striving to keep away my side-projects, as they tend to drain me of brainenergy, making it harder to focus at the matters at hand.

III. The website for the ANCEP students attending at Cuba, fall 2003, is partly up and running (over at mas o

IV. Me, Kornelius and djMIB are going out tonight, and tomorrow I’ll team up with a couple of friends from my stay in Cuba as well. I’m going on the third day of drinking, life as an unemployed is harder than it seems.

V. If all goes well I’ll begin my service some day in February, but you never can tell these days. They only accept 33 men (and women) at the time, making it harder for me to be called for on such a short notice. This problem, which is fairly fresh, is a result of me moving to Oslo.

VI. This year’s Female of the year (FOY) contest will be opened some time in February, after I’ve announced the rules of this year’s competition. One of the questions that will be answered then is: should last year’s nominees be allowed to participate in this year’s FOY? Please have your say at this week’s poll, which ends on Sunday.

VI. The newly born princess of Norway was named Her Majesty Ingrid Alexandra. Congrats!

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