Going North of the Wall for our summer vacation

Bollicks to this, we’re off to Nordland!

It’s that time of year again, when we lay down our worries, undervolt our ghetto Bitcoin miners, climb into the VW Golf and head up north. This year, no different than last year, I will be writing on my MA thesis. It should have been finished a long time ago, and while I feel that I’m closing in on the 80% mark, I’m glad I was able to extend my writing term by one semester. I will also be looking at finishing up version 2.0 of Back in a minute which is quite a few months overdue now.

The weather here in Oslo is great at the moment. Sunny, dry, warm. Where we’re headed, on the other hand, it’s 10°C, cloudy and rain. Snow still in the mountains.. *sigh* We will be bringing our Game of Thrones collection with us, to continue the annual summer GoT marathon under the blood red midnight sun.

While we both enjoy the freedom of the asphalt life, this is also a holiday that serves our budget. I’m 100% not-working and 45% not-writing, so the quite pregnant Lady C is both breadwinner and making me her bitch, even at a current 50% employment due to her condition. I’ll be sure to do as she says though, that pimp hand mighty strong, otherwise she’ll be whoring me out at service stations for diesel and sandwiches.. But we’ll be alright up north, where there’s less stuff to spend money on and plenty of fish in the sea. Like, literally. Lady C wants us to put the boat out and live off the bounty of the fjords.

Thankfully, the selling point of mobile broadband (UMTS, HSDPA and LTE) in our mountainous country has been coverage, coverage, coverage; and today I discovered that there’s been a 4G LTE mast setup not far from our home in the north. Unfortunately, we don’t have any LTE equipment, but if they put up new masts I bet they upped the amp on 3G as well. Last year, for the first time in my testing, we had stable indoor 3G. It makes life so much more agreeable when I’m writing and just have to fact-check somethisigg3.netays ago I stopped using Reddit since it was taking over so much of my time and attention, so perhaps we’ll even stay below the cap this year.

I’ll be focusing on re-structuring some of my text for the MA thesis, ironing out logically sound definitions and reasoning, but most of all I will try to relax somewhat. The last month up until a meeting I had with my supervisor was really hard, as pollen allergies and thesis-depression made my head a grey and dull, cloudy place to be in. Having regular meetings with someone who can read and understand my text is a lifesaver in that regard. I am confident of how to proceed at the moment, and I have a pretty good overview of what needs to be done and how. If I can do what I’ve set out to do this summer, it will be awesome. We’re expecting sudden parenthood in September, so anything I can finish up before the arrival is most excellent.

I hope you’ll have a great vacation too and that, wherever you are, you enjoy life, beer and summer!

2 thoughts on “Going North of the Wall for our summer vacation

  1. That was fast! :)

    We’re going pretty soon, probably Monday. Am currently replying to your e-mail:) I will also bring the Fedora laptop with latest git pull from repo:D

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