Some extraordinary links added…

Quietly, and without anyone of you noticing, I’ve been adding a few links (scroll down on your right) to the site. I’d like to present them fast and furious:

The Noam Chomsky archive: This guy has quite alot of opinions, some worth reading too!
Notorious Murders: A list of historical murderers and their backgroundstory.. alot of interesting reading! FEEDBACK: This is not the frontpage where you’ll find a picture that "belongs to a series featuring the man demonstrating his anal stretching ability" (from wikipedia). This is not the actual site, however, just the feedback section, where ALOT of people have complained about this page’s existence.
NINJA: Real ultimate power: it goes without saying. Ninja is the best.
Star Wars Kid: Some time ago, in a galaxy far, far away an anonymous, fat kid taped a video of himself. This webpage has grown around this clip, as some kind of cult, adding at least 150 clones of the video (including: Star Wars (of course), The Terminator, The matrix etc.) A must-see!
Koew’s webpad is up and running again! As you might now, this is my younger brother‘s feeble attempt to keep an updated weblog..

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