Kaada out with new album: MECD

Kaada from Cloroform is out again with a new solo-album called MECD. This guy keeps on amazing me with a very individual sound and down-to-earth lyrics (visit homepage at kaada.no). Where I’m currently living, we get ZTV on our cable, and every morning I’ve got up from bed this week they’ve sent Kaada’s single "That’s life", which is a must-buy! Read what the press says (translated by me):

6 out of 6 in Natt&Dag
"This grade, in this newspaper, is mostly reserved for a ‘classic’. Kaada’s second solo-album from amazing Cloroform and an incomprehensable number of other projects, is a six out of six! Some of the fascinating about this, lies in the fact that this album is so fucking European. Funny in itself, you know, with all this globalization and such, but there are no postulates here, Kaada is just comfortable in his own landscape. And this landscape includes everything from slavish choir and artrock to Beatles"

6 out of 6 on TV2 Nettavisen, 6 out of 6 in Rogaland’s Avis!
The record is also featured on P3 (national radiochannel) as "This week’s album" in addition to the single "That’s life" which is featured on ZTV’s Hitvarsel.

Run and order! or just check out the tracklist! In addition, I found some pictures from the releaseparty which was held on the 26th of January.

2 thoughts on “Kaada out with new album: MECD

  1. “You’ll never walk alone” ?? I think the quality of Kaada and Cloroform speaks for itself, and the public will follow as soon as they come to terms with this fact:)

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