Sharon to visit Norway

Yes, the fat bastard has decided to pay Norway a visit. Now, before we all get in the mood for a political demonstration, let’s consider this event as something we can make use of. None of us likes what’s happening down there and we all know it ain’t right, but this doesn’t allow us to throw shit in the face of Isrealis or even Ariel Sharon. People should be treated as just that, and by doing this we’ll set an example for Sharon: this is maybe you should try..

We are paying millions per hour, you and me / mr. and mrs. taxpayer, for this visit, though, so we should try to make some use of it. The Norwegian newspaper reports that Sharon has asked the Prime Minister of Norway (mr. Bondevik:) that we cut all bonds and communacation with Yasser Arafat. Even though Bondevik is the guy he is, without saying too much, he’s got the common sense needed to reply that this is out of the question. Facing the coming visit as something inevitable he is inclined to find something worth making out of it, and as we know from what is happening; it’s alot. I think the point I’m stressing is that we should look at this visit as an oppurtunity to do something useful.

But misbehave! Let the world know what’s true and what’s not, what we’re buying and what we aren’t.

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