McTruckin' features one of my stories from Cuba! (post #200)

This month’s issue of McTruckin’ (January 2004 Truckin’ Vol. 3, Issue 1), which is Pauly’s greatest projects on the net except from the Tao of poker, features my mugging story. For those of you following my daily rants, you’ve probably read the entry I wrote after I got mugged in the dark streets of Havanna, Cuba. However, I provided some additional information on the actual robbing incident, so I’ll hope you’ll stop by and read it some time:)

 «I Got MuggedÂ… Twice! Another Cuba Story»

I’d also like to congratulate myself, this being post number 200 since I changed to b2 in July last year:
– Congratulate Sigge!
– Why, thanks, mate!
– Want a beer?
– Sure.

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