Pollresults on if we could clone someone famous..

There’s been a shocking 40 votes cast in this election on who we‘d like to see cloned if it was possible. Sigg3 dot net brings you the facts, the results, the truth:

Pauly (from the Tao): 50%
Elvis Presley: 27%
2pac (dead rapper): 7%
Big L (dead rapper no.2): 7%
Certainly not you, Sigg3..: 5%
David Letterman: 2%

I don’t find the results very surprising, though. Noone would like to clone current President of the United States, namely George W. Bush, or Ricky Lake’s darker twin, Oprah. Dead rappers don’t wake much sympathy in the people, maybe we are all just sick of all this shooting around, or maybe hip-hoppers just don’t like visiting my website. For whatever reasons, both of them will stay uncloned. As to David Letterman, some 2% would like to clone him, which I really can’t see the reason of, as he’s probably done it already. I mean, a man at his age (nearly 80!) impregnating his wife? Come on! The 27% of the votes stating that it’s necessary for late King of Rock n’ Roll mr. Elvis Presley to be cloned, didn’t actually hit the air out of me either. There are even those who thinks he ain’t dead yet. (Actually over 500,000 reports on sightings of the King has been filed only in the US, since the tragic loss the world suffered in 1977 when the great star died from a heartattack, only 42 years old.)

The two results we have to focus on, however, are the 5% wanting me to stay uncloned and the breathtaking 50% that wants to see my good friend Pauly cloned. What kind of consequences would this bring if this poll was to determin the historical no.1 cloned human being? Well, we’d have to read twice as much of Pauly’s thoughts, and I can imagine that this also could mean reading the same subway-stories twice, since Pauly’s clone after all was just that. This would bring the internet-traffic of Pauly’s sites down to an approximately 50%, giving Pauly no option but to kill his own clone. Sometimes it is better to leave nature alone, I guess. Or most times, maybe.. It is also worth mentioning that only 5% couldn’t stand the thought of me getting cloned, something I find very odd, because I’d probably end up the same way as Pauly: killing my better/worse/equal half. Thanks for participating!

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