To all the ravers in the nation

Yesterday, I received a parcel containing the Dune album from Dune (1995), which kids today would call EDM or something. It’s a nice album containing Hardcore vibes, Positiv energy and the infamous Are you ready to fly? single, which were choice tunes from my early teens. It’s a nice, fast-paced album with just enough high-pitched vocals and cute lyrics to balance off the inhumane musical machinery stomping through the universal vastness of techno soundscapes.

While this nineties’ opus was a great musical choice for debugging python spaghetti code (my own python spaghetti code), there’s a limit to how much German machine pop I can take before the rave wears off and starts feeding a creeping headache. And after 4-5 run-throughs I started to notice it.

So I put on my headphones and unmuted the lofi girl youtube Firefox tab, to chill out with Chilled cow instead, right?

Unfortunately, there’s simply not enough beats per minute in an average lofi track to actually maintain a healthy heart beat, considering the amount of espresso I was downing, so I needed something in-between.

Running outside real quick to rescue the auto mower that had gotten stuck on something, I noticed the jam of the bird song in the trees and the ambient chugging along of an old motorized lawn mower somewhere in the neighborhood. Little does compete with the sound of civilization at rest, and if it weren’t for my pollen allergies acting up right now I’d be outside soaking it up, ’cause time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana.

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