Pollresults on internet prisoners

It was a good surprise waiting for me, when I today went to check out the final poll-count regarding the Chinese prisoners of the ‘net. I was a bit concerned about what kind of people who was reading my blog, in the list of servers visiting this site, the US Army server is frequently observed in my statistics… But this was wrong of me! Just check this out:

What do you think about the imprisonment of the 54 Chinese websurfers?
It’s clearly a violation of the human rights: 85%
It’s another proof of Communism’s true nature: 15%
It suits them just fine: 0%
It rocks: 0%
I don’t have an opinion or choose not to speak: 0%

I was concerned that the American readers of Sigg3 dot net would go for a total vote-out against Communism, but only 15 percent thought that this was a "proof of Communism’s true nature". This kind of information blockout has nothing to do with Communism, it has to do with fear. The rest of the votes, 85%, were very clear, stating that this actually is a violation of the human rights. Thank you.

This reminds me.. My brother was downloading a Donald Duck movie, or so he thought, and when he opened it, it turned out to be some old Walt Disney anti-nazi propaganda from the 1940’s. It was really interesting, but sickening. Propaganda, when disguised in childrens’ entertainment and not as obvious as it usual is (to the sceptic’s eye), is really disgusting. The last line in this EDUCATIONAL film (as it was titled) went something like: and now the soldier is finished with his education (the "education" mentioned refers to the life of a person in the nazi regime) … his education of DEATH. Sickening. If you want to read more about propaganda, I suggest that you check out Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. There was a reason for Hitler being so good at it..

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