As some of you might have heard, I’m going to join the civil army this month. This is a non-violent alternative for Norwegian youngsters like myself (AS IF), listening to Eminem’s Amityville, but it involves alot of sneeking around the papermill which makes out the Norwegian Justice Departement’s bureaucracy (red tape). The coming Sunday, however, my efforts will be paid back as I’m to join a civil army camp, for even more health tests and get a mission assigned to me.

I’m hopefully going to spend my 13 month in the service of my crappy country (Norway, that is) working with peace-related research, in FAFO. I’ve arranged some sort of agreement with them, and they’ve arranged for a little place for me to live, which I hope to move into at the end of next week. As soon as I’ve got it, I’ll post a picture of this brilliant bed-sit (actually it is 50% of a really nice, newly renovated, appartement), where I’ll hopefully get the peace I need to continue my writing. This is my Remtor 1050 typewriter by the way:


I’ve gotten my hands on 4 rolls of ink-ribbon for this, something which is quite rare these days. I mean, everybody seems to run around with these black or silvercoated laptop’s these days, so why should they produce any more of this. If you want to, nowadays, you can buy an electric typewriter wich uses printer-ink. I mean, come on. Where’s the charm in that? And the fun? I mean, you can add as much Surround 5.1 as you like to and assign keyboard-strok-soundFX on your computer keyboard, but still it won’t be the same.

Anyway, more coming soon about my situation. I’m going to have a beer now. One of my very best friends is turning 20 today, and I promised her to propose a toast to her honor. Congratulations! To the rest of you: Stay tuned!

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