A couple of user-sites by yours truly

I’ve been focusing on two web-projects the last couple of weeks, namely

Both of them are in Norwegian and both of them are supposed to be interactive which changes my part of the game quite a bit. Usually, you see, I’m the webmaster and the operater, the entertainer and the lover, the writer and the joker – as with Sigg3 dot net (hopefully). On these sites, however, I’m a mere servant of the users, and an equal participant. The first one is made for the ANCEP students going to Cuba with me, fall 2003. We’re only 12 members as of today, but the number will hopefully grow as soon as the page is 100% finished. Right now, I’d say we’re around 70%. The main feature that’s missing is the photogallery, which should be up and running asap. The other one is made for residents or moved-out-residents of the county in Northern Norway where I used to live; Salangen Kommune. It’s basically a hang-out, in the shape of a billboard system, which also should unload some of the local traffic on my tagboard. It has been great fun doing this, as it is more technically challenging than setting up a webdesign alone, and it has been nice to welcome new users as the days passed.

In addition, more people than I would’ve thought have rated my weblog, and as far as I can see, the turnout is pretty well. Right now I have had 251 votes shared on five degrees of taste, like this:

  • Love it: 100
  • Good: 80
  • Okay: 10
  • Sucks: 50
  • Hate it: 11

I’ll try to figure out on what basis 61 votes turned out to be negative, but afterall it is only 24% (almost 1/4), so I don’t worry too much. Everybody can’t love me, right?

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