Shocking news about Pauly!

It has been a while since I’ve read the Tao of Pauly but when I swung by it this morning, only two minutes ago, I was shocked. My pulse hasn’t still declined down to the normal rate, and I fear it won’t ever happen, because this news is ballbreaking!

Re: Haley’s Bluff
HDouble wrote: And I can’t believe you let Haley bluff you!

Pauly, humble as always, answered:
Dear HDouble… I blew it! I had a better hand and now I’ll never hear the end of it! My street cred has been ruined. Word is out… I can be bluffed.

And this is the pokerplayer we’ve all been betting our lifesavings on? The pokerplayer we’ve cancelled grandma’s heartoperation to be able to keep updated on? The pokerplayer we’d gladly sell our house to, to support his future election campaign? The very same pokerplayer that has kept us awake, night after night, waiting for an e-mail from him to announce the latest scores? He can be bluffed? I’m still in a chock here. I feel as if the floor is moving, the sky is pink, and there may not be an afterlife. Because Pauly was bluffed.

The world ends tomorrow and YOU MAY DIE!! …I mean, Pauly was bluffed.

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