From Bislet to Grønnland (and hopefully not back again)

As you’ve gathered from the previous newsflashes on my current situation, my civil service for the Kingdom of Norway has begun. For 13 – thirteen – months I’ll be working for close to nothing, as a deliveryboy and fax-machine-operator at the research institute known as Fafo institute Applied International Studies (FAFO AIS). The work I do here is pretty simple most of the time, until someone drops a bomb in my lap and I spend 4 hours straight reading through research reports on the internet. Sometimes it is interesting too. Sometimes not. Today, for instance, I’ve answered three phonecalls. This will either become one of those days where I do nothing, or I’ll suddenly have a huge task in my hands which will cause some hectic last hours of this week, having idled away most of the day.

My mother and brother who lives in Bislet (Oslo), have had enough of me. Quite frankly, I understand them well. I too often get enough of me.. So, thanks to the civil service administration, I’m guaranteed a bed-sit near my assignmentpost. I got this fixed a month back or two, I think, and through this week I’ve been carrying stuff back and forth to this new home. My home. My own place.

Yesturday I’d moved every single compact disc of beautiful music to my place, and I arranged them in alphabetical order still knowing that this system would never last. Just wait! Today I’m bringing some clothes and looking at a madrass, because I ain’t got any, and if I’m lucky I’ll even get myself a mouthful of food before I have to attend somewhere. I’ll have to be out of Bislet till Tuesday next week.

There’s no TV and I haven’t decided wether to bring along my computer or not, so right now all I have for entertainment is my music, my books and myself. I’m hoping that me moving to a place of my own can help me focus on what I think is more important than Ricky Lake, Oprah and Jerry Springer, for instance my reading or my writing. Or maybe just putting my life together after sorting out all the pieces of the puzzle:) I don’t know..

It is still winterholiday here, the last week I think, and after that I might be very buissy doing stuff around here. I mean, if it continues like this I’ll be one, fat bastard when the thirteen months are over, because the cantina down here is pretty amazing and the Friday-Waffles are great. Maybe a little too great, who knows?

As I’ve promised earlier, I’ll upload a few pictures of my bedsit as soon as I get my digital cam down there. I promise you quite a tour, because I already love the place. Too bad I ain’t got the money to keep it when I’m done serving my country, but that’s the way it is. Maybe if I take some courses or begin to study here in Oslo I can stay, but as of right now I consider that an obstacle in my current plans. Well.. I wouldn’t say I’ve done any planning, that wouldn’t just be an exagguration but a complete lie, but I still have some clue of what I might be doing a year or two from now, but I won’t tell you before I’m sure. More of this to come, peace out.

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