A salute to post-its

There are many features in the landscape of an office and one of these are those yellow, sticky notepapers known as Post-its. They fill up the landscape with their characteristical yellow charisma like white sheep on the green fields. What I’ve come to realize, during my time as a homo sapiens offices, which is almost two weeks now, is that these little lifesavers are more than just a help in need when your head and mouth are co-working on the telephone and your hand and pen are placed confidently on your heap of post-its, they are what you in any Role-playing Game would refer to as a magic item.

You’d probably say something like: "Bah! Humbug", unknowingly quoting Scrooge from Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, but ask yourself these questions and search your Inner Voice for The Truth and I guarantee you that you’ll see the errors of your prejudice;

  1. Don’t you find it odd that these yellow helpers are all-present in offices around the entire globe? Post-its are the one, single practical religion all men (and women) have sworn to.
  2. I bet your office is swarming of Post-its, isn’t it? Why? It’s not like you’ve never tried to keep your office tidy! We all do that once a month at most, so how come these bastards are everywhere? Underneath the tables, on the walls, on the top of your laptop screen etc. etc. ?
  3. Furthermore, have they ever been out of reach when you needed them? I think not.
  4. Have you ever ran out of Post-its? No. It is simply not possible. Every time that heap of yellow paper is reduced to just a few papers, another heap can be found within the next two days, appearing mysteriously on your desktop, underneath your chair or on your bookshelf. Asking co-workers doesn’t help either. They thought you were the one who’d replaced them. So where do they come from and how?

If you’ve been paying attention you understand my awe for these sacred artifacts, because it is pretty clear, to me at least, that we’re dealing with forces unknown to man (and woman), forces beyond our control and our imagination – we’re dealing with Post-its.

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