Water on Mars

Yesturday NASA finally spoke the words we’ve all been waiting to hear: there is water on Mars. Living on a planet consisting of what.. 70-80% of water, I find this very reassuring. Even exciting. Now we might even find some small organisms that died many, many years ago on a planet far, far away. Critics would say that this alleged ‘proof of life’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything, like Oscar nominations, but according to the Drake-equation (N = N * fp ne fl fi fc fL) life spread around the Universe seems pretty common. Even annoyingly common.

So. We’ve spent x billions of dollars figuring this out. It’s about time we got paid back, wouldn’t you agree? So, here is my plan: Instead of the NASA, SETI or other organizations paying for this – because this money all come from taxes – we could have soft-drink producers pay the whole thing. Think about it! If they’d slapped a big Pepsi Cola sign on the Eagle when it landed on the Moon all those years ago, they’d have the best advertisement up until now. It would be featured in films, documentaries, science reports etc. etc. etc.

In addition, the Coca Cola Company in Great Britain was now defaced by a group of young scientists who discovered that the water the company sold for $1.85 (13 NOK) a bottle, was infact regular tap-water that any British citizen could’ve gotten for free. The company will have to pay for this of course, say sponsoring the next expedition to Mars or something, but even here it would be beneficial to them to follow my ideas. Just think about it. Instead of Mountain Dew, Farris and all of these water-products that people gladly pay a couple of dollars for, they could sell Mars Water®™. (I’m astounded by my own genius here, help me out!) Just think about it!! They could have commercials of long-gone Martians drinking their products! Damn, I’m good. Ok. This idea is hereby ©opyrighted by me, so if any of you big hot-shot wannabe-millionaires want it, you go ahead and contact me.

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