Pollresults on "What happened to Saddam?"

From the period of the long lasting weekly poll this time, it has been a very long week. There are many reasons why it turned out this way, among others the minimum 20 votes rule I introduced some time ago, but also my own forgetfulness for which I apologize. Here are the results, however, on «What happened to Saddam?»

He’s in hiding with Elvis Presley and 2pac: 25%
He was never captured. They caught a look-alike: 22%
His body was sent to Mars along with NASA’s Mars Rover: 22%

He’s signed an exclusive with 60Minutes and is now held in custody: 14%
I don’t care: 11%
I don’t know: 3%
He’s been placed among the other terrorists at Guantanemara: 0%

I’ve sent an e-mail to the FBI Headquarters and the CIA, describing the situation. It is quite worrying that a very large % of us believes that he’s in hiding somewhere and that they actually captured a look-alike. For those of you thinking he was sent along to Mars with NASA’s Mars Rover, I regret to inform you that NASA removed this possibility with an e-mail simply stating that it wouldn’t be enough room. Thanks for participating! For the 3% voting ‘I don’t care’ all I have to say is: thanks for caring about the poll, though!

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