Female of the Year 2004 officially opened!

As of today, right now, I declare that the Female of the Year contest of 2004 is officially opened. For those of you who haven’t been following last year’s competition, you could do a little catching up by reading the female 2003 category, or at least check out this post: A new feature (August 24th,03).

There are a couple of rules applied that you all should be aware about:

  1. None of last year’s nominees can be nominated this year. The same applies to last year’s winner. (Check the list here)
  2. There can only be 12 women in the final contest, one for each month.
  3. All the nominees must be women. If in doubt, I’ll ignore the suggested person.
  4. All suggestions and requests to nominees MUST contain a 50-word explanation of why just this woman should be part of the contest.
  5. The nominee does not have to be a worldstar, but it must be possible to track down at least 1 – one – product the person has produced or participated in producing.
  6. When the final voting begins it is I who decide when it is finished, but a date (which can be changed!) will be presented in advance.
  7. The rules may be changed as we go along as a results of any complications that could occour.
  8. The votes passed using my dedicated poll-system are the only ones that counts. DO NOT E-MAIL ME YOUR VOTE
  9. Have fun!

Without further ado, I urge you to get buissy! Suggest a female!

EDIT: Rule Number 3 has been removed from the competition.

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