In the mail today…

As usual I recieved the usual UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!11!!1! discountrate notices, that informed me that Viagra was now cheaper than ever. In fact it was so cheap that if you put it among friends, they’d soon tell you how much of a cheap asshole that Viagra was.. and so on and so forth..

THEN I had an e-mail from Visa Security, informing me about an update;
We were informed that your card is used by another person or stolen. It could happen if you have been shopping on-line, and someone got your “Billing information” including your card number. To avoid and prevent any billing mistakes and to refund your credit card, it is strongly recommended to proceed filling in the secure form on our site and applying for our Zero Liability program. This program is free and it will help us to investigate this accident.
And after this, a button saying "Continue…", then signed Sincerely yours, Visa Support Assistant, Alwin Desagun.

This is all BS*, ladies and gentlemen!

If you follow the button you only get a page saying that the domain has been withdrawn from the owner etc. etc., but I can imagine that it has been a fill-in-your-info sheet where your VISA card number would be compromised. Now, I’m only posting this because they (the people behind the scam) may get another domain, and just change the link in their outgoing e-mail to link there, or something like that, meaning it is still a threat!

Remember: First of all VISA never e-mails their clients, second of all (all being pretty many, so I’m just mentioning a few of them) VISA would never have you exposing your own cc number, etc. etc. etc. A good advice would be: if in doubt, give them a call, before you find yourself poor as a monk because you didn’t use your head:)

* (not Brave Supporters, not Big Soup or Bickering Seals but BullShit!)

2 thoughts on “In the mail today…

  1. wait a second… you’re telling me that visa thing is spam and nobody actually stole my card number? thank goodness. they really had me going there.


  2. No, seriously. If you get an e-mail from VISA company asking you about the cc and password (+more info) you can be sure that this isn’t VISA! They have stated repeatedly that they do not ask for this information. If in doubt, call them. If your cc has been stolen, call them.

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