A list of current web-related projects

"But the Emperor Claudius knew that they were up to something dire. He knew they were busy little bees." – The Gladiator, David Franzoni

A list of webprojects:

  • Sigg3 dot net, my eternal curse and passion
  • the National Association Against Penguins, working on new design + stories
  • Wikipedia articles (list at my Userpage), ongoing
  • Mas o Menos, site for Norwegian students who went to Cuba, fall 2003, I’m working on an image-gallery
  • Parent Dir: Salangen, mainly discussion board (400 posts!!), still establishing
  • Presentation of my home (la maison) with texts and pictures, 50%
  • A manipulated-images series coming pretty soon, in planning
  • A re-design of art.sigg3.net, adding photos, in planning
  • Publishing more travel-stories; China, Scotland, France
  • Re-designing me.sigg3.net (classic) both design and file-structure

+ all my non-web related projects

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