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Sigg3 o 0 ( 13FT – FBI High )

Updated www.apoet.no with some new poems (week 24-29) and a new shortstory for July. Go check it out!

I’m quite tired, ya know. Worked alot the last couple of days, but tomorrow I’ve a day off. I’ll be working the entire next week, ’cause some of my couleagues are leaving to join the Army or enjoy their summer holiday. Need the money, though. Thanks to the local camping site, Elvelund Camping, the place is swarming with people who’re here for the fish. Salmon, to be precise. And they fish it. Or not. Anyway, working in one of the two local groceryshops, it gets pretty buissier because of ’em. Good for business, bad for peace. We’re all tourists in one way or another, though.

Presently I’m tired, as mentioned, while friends are getting buissy watching old western movies. I’m not into that genre, except from the freaky ones like "Dead Man" starring Johnny Depp, so I’ll stay at home or walk over to Underzo’s place (*). Underzo turned twenty last night, actually! We (about 9-10 ppl) met at his place and got good and drunk. Always fun the day after when all you’ve to eat is dry bread with sweat cheese….!

I think I’ll grab a beer, though. It’s freakishly hot in here…
(* I use pseudonyms for ppl who don’t want to be connected with me or whom I don’t want to connect myself with. This feature is reserved only for ppl I meet in RL, however, so people like Hitler will stay Hitlerish. Thx!)

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