Look and feel 20 years younger!

That’s what today’s selected SPAM said to me. Thinking about it, since I haven’t turned twenty yet, made me really sick. Let’s take the story even further, friends. Let’s say that someone at 42 wanted to use this product. A woman. Fairly nice. Motherly. (I guess this SPAM was aimed at insecure women. It may not have been, but who reads SPAM anyway?)

Now, kids, there are a few facts of life a grown-up needs to face and this is one of them: Time may not exist, but aging does. Deal with it! Still there are many advantages of being 42. I’m not speaking from personal experience here, so kick me if I go wrong. For instance; you’re allowed to go to whatever pub you want to. You get in anywhere. You probably have an income that allows you to get drunk as often and as long as you want to. You may or may not have kids, and both can be attractive for a man. You have probably studied and hence have the knowledge to make up an opinion about society, life in general and more specific areas of it; like what is my view on animal sex? If you dull your hair grey, you can get into any bus or subway without paying, just play the part of a lost housewife or even demented retired.

The other day, yesturday, while walking to work I mused myself in the good weather (today it is snowing…!) and sang to the birds, flexed to the girls and overally had a great time. Mondays tend to have this effect on me for some reason.. At least in the morning. So, there I was, walking, and I turned the corner that makes me face the church I work next to, knowing that this was going to be a beautiful, relaxing day (later I found out that I’d been wrong). A woman, nearly 35 I’d say, was walking back and forth in front of me, like 15 metres or so,

[okay, I’m @ work, had to go to the bathroom when 2 of my 3 phones rang simultaneously. The entire Administration is at a seminar, and I have to answer all the incoming calls by myself. And it is alot.]

when she suddenly bursted into singing. Now, some old country and western song would have been suitable for that age, I’d say, or maybe even tantalizing Dr. Hook. But no, yet again! She was honestly, without the usual sarcastic undertones, singing Britney Spear’s Hit me baby one more time! This is taking the Look-and-feel-20-years-younger thing a bit too far, wouldn’t you say? I, still in a good mood, went over to her and pointed out the fact that she wanted me to hit her. She looked at me with fear and disgust, like they always do, before she ran inside again leaving but her smoking cigarette on the ground and a smile on my face.

"What’s the point?" you ask. The point of this story is: look and feel how young you want to, but keep in mind your own age. I’m not trying to say "dress your age!" or anything, I’m just pointing out that wishing you were younger may have varied results, and you only live once so why don’t you take each year as it is? You’re only 42 once!

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