MiB called…

Through Sigg3 dot net‘s eminent Tagboard our friend Mirza, or DJMib if you like, dropped us all a line to let us know he was still alive. I think I safely can say on everyone’s behalf that we which Mib a nice time in Bosnia. Keep kickin’ it!

The visit of Sharon went peacefully as I’ve gathered from the short newsreports I’ve received. Good, or else we’d be in a world full of Isreal-friendly harrasment. I’m not trying to be anti-Semitic or anything, it’s just that I’ve had it with people trying to make an excuse for Sharon’s abuse of the Palestinians by the fact that he was legally elected. I mean, "He was elected as a result of a true democracy, so it doesn’t matter if he is a mean bastard!" No offence to you Isreal-friends out there, I bet Isreal is a beautiful country with some nice cultural features too, I’ve never been there yet so by all means (!), but I’m viewing it from a pseudo-political point of view.. or trying to.. :)

6 thoughts on “MiB called…

  1. Anti-semitism is to hate Jews because they are Jews. This is not quite the same as disagreeing with the politics and actions of the Israeli government and Defense Force.

  2. I totally agree with you on the last comment, I’ve no problem with it, but some people do. A couple of nights ago a spokesmen of some Norwegian congregation which happened to be ‘friends of Isreal’ addressed the political demonstrations agains Sharon as “Anti-Semitic”.

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