Star Wars Episode Three: <untitled>?

There has been a lot of controversy around the title of the last episode of the Star Wars Triology (really a "sixology"). In August we were told that it was going to be The Clone Wars. This is a letter posted at aintitcoolnews dot com with possible inside information on the subject:

Hi Harry,

A lttle nugget of Star Wars info…I work in the animation industry, and I’ve just had a very interesting conversation with ___________ ___. We were discussing the presentations for the upcoming MIPCOM tradefair which starts at the weekend, and she/he/it was talking about the _____________, and how successful it’s been for them…etc…then she/he/it said that Lucasfilm will be announcing the title of Episode 3 early next week, and they were rushing to reprint some artwork with the new title to take to MIP.

She/he/it said the title had been ‘Rise of the Empire’, but George Lucas recently changed his mind, and it will now be titled ‘The Creeping Fear’. She/he/it said this refers to a hooded Death type character who wipes out the Jedi.

If you do use this, can you be sure to leave out ___________ ___’s name…(I wouldn’t want he/her/it to get into trouble!)

Thanks Harry,

Call me Gibby Bunt

So, we’ve the following alternatives:

  • Rise of the Empire
  • Attack of the Clones
  • Creeping fear

To me Creeping fear sounds like a bad joke, and being so close to April the 1st, I reserve myself for being wrong. It is interesting, though, for anyone with a taste for the SW universe..

(Letter stolen from

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