A quick look at my SPAM this morning

First of all, I received an e-mail from princess007@digyou.com who wrote: "(..)it is the wish Of God for you to help me and my family, (and) God almighty will bless and Reward you abundantly." Later down it refers to ‘abundantly’ as 20% of 35 million USD.

Now, Nigerian 22yo princess.. if you are to convince me that you’re not Liberian mafia, take a lesson in English Grammer. In addition, you don’t get my attention. I receive 5 e-mails daily conserning lost treasures in Africa where x% will be mine if I invest, so the competition is strong. Hence, grip the reader, make him or her want to come over to Nigeria and help you, make the reader beg you to allow him/her to help you. In addition it could be clever to leave out lines such as ‘note that this transaction is 100% risk free’ and ‘(money) which you will strongly have absolute Control Over’. And what’s up with your e-mail address? If you have 35mill. you should have a paid account and not some free shit. I’m not convinced.

So, to everyone else out there; unless you don’t actually have a secret wish of being scammed by Liberian mafia, don’t reply, or do as I – take a 100% risk – and write to princess007@digyou.com with the subject: I hereby defaced you, asshole!

.. Speaking of spam

This is the strangest thing I’ve received ever:

From: Ãý²ú <kakha @hmhhk.mailserver.idv.tw>
To: info [at] sigg3.net
Subject: ±z±H¿ù¤F~!!

§A±H¿ù¤F !!

..and Abadilla in the Phillipines have opened a SPAM-only restaurant. Things seems to go well. "It only shows that people really like Spam, whether they are at home or outside," Abadilla says. Well, Abadilla, I can’t say that I totally agree with you.

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